the way i see it

You have reached my blog. I am not here at the moment but feel free to poke around and leave a message. This blog is just a snippet of how I view the world we live in so thanks for stopping by. You can browse through each category above and read travel stories and see some of the pictures I’ve taken throughout my journeys. I rarely see the world the same way from day to day….or even hour to hour so I try to document it as often as I can, taking the grand scope of each moment and fitting it into that lens which I view it through, trying to capture it. Successful at times and other times failing, I see photography as an eternal quest worth chasing. I see writing as a passion worth practicing.

To me the world is a book and I have always lived my life as a character in that book struggling to stay relevant and make the book worth reading. I view my world from the pages of that book constantly seeking the other characters that will inhabit it and keep it worth reading…..and I’ve come across a lot of characters. Truth is stranger than fiction and my search for characters has filled my book with sensational stories. Never sure if I write the book or the book writes me, I roam through life constantly in awe of what I see around me and this blog is a little bit of what I have gathered over the years. Photography is a mirror of a life that fills the pages of the book. Some of my book remains unwritten so this is my scrapbook….so far. Life is magical, weird, and wonderful.
Maybe this blog is about pictures, maybe it’s about writing. Maybe it’s just cyberspace real estate. You decide…it’s your world



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