Monthly Archives: June 2011

on track

There are things in life that should not be compromised. One of these is coffee and more importantly ones morning ritual towards obtaining that coffee. I had fallen into a funk that lasted only 10 days or so but quick diagnosis of the funk could be traced to a change up in my morning routine….or […]

Miles’ day of fame

Becky has one of those souls that sidles up to your own and stays there, making it matter, keeping it safe and warm. A friendship with Becky is exactly what it is and as such, requires no definition to exist. She is there exactly when you need her to be and we have meandered in […]

the long slow roll….part 2

After the day in D.C. I settled into my seat for the 27 hour Washington D.C. to Chicago leg and made small talk with my neighbor, a recent college grad from Melbourne, FL that had studied IT in hopes of landing a job with the dying NASA complex along the shores of Cape Canaveral. The […]