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chalk drawings and the fountain of youth

Maybe it’s because I am frequenting sidewalks these days instead of the road or maybe because it’s summer but I am seeing more and more chalk drawings. Bright pastel works of “art” that sporadically dot the sidewalks of the neighborhoods I walk through daily and those trippy chalky illusions you see floating through the internet. […]

the long slow roll….part 2

After the day in D.C. I settled into my seat for the 27 hour Washington D.C. to Chicago leg and made small talk with my neighbor, a recent college grad from Melbourne, FL that had studied IT in hopes of landing a job with the dying NASA complex along the shores of Cape Canaveral. The […]

the long slow roll…part 1

Two things that have fascinated me for a long time are trains and the Amish, not necessarily in that order. Where did they come from and how do they survive? The same questions could be asked of both. In the age of the automobile and the airplane, though, the question of survival would more urgently […]