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Comes a time

On my fifth day in Europe the train was rolling into Venice, across the long bridge that connects the Italian mainland to the tiny island city and I still couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that I was arriving in the magnificent city that built a trade empire entirely on water so many centuries […]

mango time

I (try to) walk 3-4 miles everyday. I walk because I hate to run and I want to try and stay healthy. I also walk to clear my head and be outside. I live around some fascinating neighborhoods and walking through them and noticing how different each house is and how each family chooses to […]

the hangout chronicles part 1

While at my friend Bruno’s birthday party in April the three English speakers in attendance ended up together in a corner speaking English, as gringos in a room full of Peruvians are apt to do. I was one of the aforementioned English speakers, the other two being one of my roommates Greg, and his girl, […]